Baby Mummas we got you

Updated: Jun 19

We recently posted on our instagram account about new mums and mums to be the reaction was huge so we decided it needed its our blog post.

As most of our clientele is women we hear a lot of the same concerns, issues and struggles through different clients opening up to us. We know as a new Mum your tired, stressed, wondering how your going to fit everything and all with the pressure of being responsible for this tiny little human.

You quickly get bumped down the list of priorities and even the thought of getting out the house can seem over whelming at first with all that extra stuff you now need to bring with you and get the baby in and out the car all in the hope they dont scream the place down when you actually arrive.

Well we wanted to tell you your not alone we hear this a lot and we want to say your doing amazingly. We constantly promote that we are a no judgement, friendly salon and we really mean it. So you are welcome with baby in to in the salon, to breast feed, change nappies and do something for yourself. Hair is a huge part of your identity and a great way to start feeling more like you so don't let the nerves put you off coming and if you are nervous ask to be advised on a time that the salon in quieter so you can really relax plus there is always plenty of hands willing to coo a cute new born or push a pram round the salon, you wont be alone.

Women supporting women!

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