What hair colour suits me?

There are many things to consider when choosing a hair colour, different factors can determind which colours will work for you.

  1. Your skin tone?

  2. Your natural colour?

  3. Your eye colour?

  4. Your day to day life?

  5. Is it maintable?

  6. Can you provide the aftercare needed?

  7. Does it showcase your personality?


Skin tone peachy, yellow, golden Skin undertone pink or blue

Veins green Veins blue/ purple

Gold jewllery shines more Silver sparkles

Clothing; olive green, reds, orange Clothing; green, purples, blues

Tan in the sun Burn in the sun

Golden blondes Ash blondes

Deep coppers Light copper

Vivid reds Mushroom brown

Pastel peaches Pastel lilac

You can follow the set rules on staying in the 3:3 rule. 3 shades lighter than your natural base colour or 3 shades darker. You can also follow the rules on your eye colour and if your cool or warm toned.

To me the biggest answer to will this hair colour suit me is this... Does it represent who you are ? Does it showcase your personality if you are edgey, whacky, punk then your proberbly breaking all the rules of the colour pallete but are looking amazing doing so. It really does depend on if you are feeling the best possible with the colour choice.

A really great example of this is Beth Ditto. She has narutally very pale skin, blue eyes and her face shape is round. You wouldnt't naturally go for a dark black, blunt bob with a rockerbilly fringe. However it showcases her personality hughely and gives her a memerable apperance, creating her brand.