We have binned the gossip magazines!

Updated: Jun 19

We never used to have magazines in the salon, instead we had books on star signs for light reading. We gave in to the client requests of having something else to read, their chance to catch up with the light entertainment going on in the world. Magazines were linked to relaxation and a cuppa tea.

However we along with many other salons we have taken the plunge to bin them. They are in fact negative, full of fake stories and news. We are a salon that believes in empowering women with no judgement yet we had clearly displayed these magazines that turn 'fat rolls' in to a negative instead or a normal part of the body. They pick a part women in the limelight which leaves those that are not questioning they're looks, bodys and appearance. We don't need any additional insecurities thrown at us. They go against everything we stand for so we have binned them once again!

Instead we have filled a basket with mindful colouring books, word search, sudko and reading books on things like being calm and mindful. Things to keep you entertained but keep the positive, relaxed vibe we encourage daily.

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