Maximum lift balayage

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

As predicted we are seeing more of a merge in services in 2020.

Balayage was created as a freehand technique that would give you a natural sun kissed look with lower maintenance. We soon found people wanting dramatically lighter ends compared to their natural so we have been taking you on a journey, generally over 3 appointments to achieve the lightness you desire.

We have now added a new service 'Foilage.' The maximum lift balayage which merges the lift of foils and the softness of freehand or the freehand technique paired with a t section of baby lights to lighten the the top of the hair. This is slightly more expensive than the classic freehand but means we can get you there quicker.

Not everyone is suitable for this service due to hair condition, previous colour book a complementary consultation with your stylist to discuss budget, hair goals and time frame.

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