Mark Leeson Style Squad

Goldwell Style Squad 2017

In 2017 goldwell decided to launch there style squad, to be a part of this prestigious squad and embark on a year of opportunities and creative learning there was a competition held. To enter you had to submit an image of your work; a colour you loved and finish it with a cut and style.

Becky entered and was ecstatic to hear she had been chosen to embark on this journey, along with 3 other girls. It was women power all the way!

Mark Leeson a celebrity hairdresser and salon owner was the lead director of the style squad. With multiple training dates with Mark throughout the year we were able to work in a small, intermate environment which meant you had 1:1 attention. The aim of the style squad was to be creative and have no boundaries that the salon environment sets you. At the end of the year we would put together a high fashion inspired collection and work with the wold renown photographer Richard Miles.

Training days throughout the year enabled Becky and the style squad to push their creative boundaries, learn new skills and watch how Mark Leeson had produced previous work; where his ideas steamed from, where the inspiration come in and how he changes as the idea evolves.

Becky, Nicola, Lauren & Lauryn got to assist Mark at the goldwell colour zoom party, working backstage prepping the models. The style squad also got to watch Bernard Conally work his styling experience, the makeup artist team finish the touches to complete the look for the show.

The styles squads focus then turned onto their own collection. Looking at current and upcoming trends they started their brainstorm. The collection was born ‘Ex-Quiste’ where the use of pastel colours and spring/summer hair was merged with darker background to create a distorted, eery image.

The style squad managed to get their collection published in Goldwell update and professional hairdressing magazine. They also received a write up on hairdressers journal; click the link to read the article.