Lets revisit the trends of 2019

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

As the year comes to an end lets take a moment to look back at some of the trends we saw this year.

Let us start with Pantones 2019 colour of the year. Each year they announce the colour of the year and this effects decor, drinks, deserts, weddings, fashion and hair!

in 2019 the colour was Living Coral.

This meant copper and peach tones made a huge appearance in hair during the year, and we know we are a sucker for a red head! We also saw blondes become warmer, more sunkissed and honey. It was a nice change to everything being so ashy and cool.

The Hair grip

The other accessorize we saw were different styles of the hair grip. Whether you opted for the chic, classic pearl filled slide or you went for the edgy, sassy diamante filled wording we saw a lot of this filling our Instagram feed. These were great for evenings out and brunches.

The Scrunchie

The 90's scrunchie made its come back; the cute accessorize added some fashion to those messy buns and sassy ponytails. This fashion fad may not last the long hall but we enjoyed it while it was here. P.s They're also much better for hair condition in comparison to your usual elastic.

'The Shag'

The Shag is a 70s style which is actually in the same family as the mullet. It made its come back in 2019 but of course with a modern twist. You may have been wearing this style without even realising. Its a style thats effortless, natural looking not overly done or polished. Styled with loose beach wave, shaped around the face generally with a fringe or a bit of something shaping the face.

50/50 Colour

During the last couple of months we have started to see this bold colour contrast start appearing and think this one will continue into 2020 for those bold enough to try this it is a great idea if you can never decide on a colour!

These are some of our 2019 fashion fad trends we have seen this year stay tuned for 2019 round of of our achievements and also our 2020 fashion predictions!

Disclaimer: none of these images are our originals and have been taken from google

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