Get to know Mollie

Updated: Jun 19

I am Mollie, senior stylist. I’m absolutely obsessed with cats, I have three; Otis, Dexter and Juno. They are all black cats and I’ve always believed they’re good luck charms. I love cooking and creating recipes from scratch is my specialty, making something from anything. I’ve always found cooking therapeutic, I’ll put my headphones on and cook away. I’m an absolute holiday lover and discovering new places is my favorite thing to do and my aim is trying to visit as many different countries humanly possible. 

I’ve been hair dressing for nearly 6 years. I started my career at my local family business and joined the strand in August ‘19. I love every aspect of hairdressing but at heart, I love cutting. I’ve always found it a great form of expression and find the thrill of of creating new styles unbeatable. 

Eventually I would love to gain the titles of cutting expert and hair care specialist as I feel that is where my knowledge is it’s strongest and I’ve aspired to learn more and push my comfort zones. Luckily I was recently accepted onto KMS ambassador’s program where I will learn the in-depth science and benefits of each range in KMS working along side some amazing educators. I will never give up excelling to learn more in hair as it’s a continuously changing career full of many different amazing things. Long term I would love to take the educator route as in my career I’ve been inspired by many different creative educators and I’d love to think I could one day inspire younger stylists. 

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