Cutting your hair Makes it grow

True or False?

It is false, wait hear us out that doesn't mean you no longer need to get your hair cut here is why.

  1. Your hair grows out from your scalp/ your root so cutting the ends has zero impact on how fast your hair will grow from the other end.

  2. There is no direct impact however are you someone that thinks your hair never grows but you get your roots done with colour? Maybe it hits a certain point and won't grow beyond that, sound familiar?

Here is why, if you leave the ends split and damaged your hair will end up self cutting. The split ends will split up the hair shaft and start removing length from you hair. Cutting these of stops that process and allows the hairs length to grow and stay healthy therefore comes the term cutting your hair makes it grow quicker.

Our recommended timeline Straight/ Wavy hair

Maintaining a style; 6-8 Weeks Growth 8-10 weeks

Curly hair 10- 12 weeks

If you don't know when your last hair cut was and have suddenly remembered it has been a while head to our booking page and get those split ends of.

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