Black to Blonde

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

We could just have posted these two photos next to each other for a pretty impressive before and after but in an already tough climate of dealing with unrealistic expectations which are facing daily we have decided to share the full journey.

We regularly see these images one day someones dark the next their blonde and that simply isn't the case.

Amy had been box dying her hair black at home for a couple of years, she had been trying to grow it out. When Amy arrived at our salon she had a years growth of natural hair while the mid lengths and ends were patchy, dark and had many bands.

When asked what we would be doing today and Amys hair goals she replied ' I want to be blonde' Hmm the initial anxious, panic feeling as a colorist comes on knowing you are about to disappoint someone because you know that won't be happening... today anyway.

Asking Amy to trust us and that we could achieve it although not in one session. Explaining the journey, costs, after care and time. Fortunately Amy was aware it wouldn't happen over night and was ready to invest to get the hair she dreamed of. Professional after care recommended kerasilk reconstruct range; this is a strengthening shampoo and conditioner, it would able the hair to repair and rebuild in between services allowing us to continue the journey.

This process took 4 sessions over 5 moths, lifting a little more each time, breaking through bands and toning accordingly. Trust your stylist and the process, we can get you there but hair is a journey and condition is at the top of our priority.

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