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I went into hairdressing at 15 I kind of fell into it, I wanted out of school and a local salon was looking for an apprentice; call it ‘fate.’ It was then I decided I wanted to be a business owner, I wanted a salon of my own to showcase my ideas to be able to attend unlimited courses, art teams and push others to do the same.

It wasn’t a smooth journey from there to here though. After a few years in my first salon where the team felt like a little family I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to work on a cruise ship. It was anything but glamorous but definitely an experience!

I moved around different salons after never really feeling 100% happy or fulfilled but living my life on the side with girls holidays and travelling. (21 countries and counting)

In July 2016 my mum died of a heart attack. This changed everything, grief is an unexplainable feeling and something I had never experienced before. The first few months after her death I lost all motivation. I wanted to sleep, drink and do very little else. The 10 months after are a blur I don’t remember very much about what happened or what I done. During this time I went on a 3 week trip to South America with 3 of my closest friends; I dont remember much of what we done but it was a much needed break. We spent new years eve in Rio Brazil, moved on to explore Peru, Bolivia and the Atacama dessert in Chili.

I was our in a fog, you’re there but not present. I decided this couldn’t go on I had too much life left to live and I had to make her proud.

I joined a salon and very slowly got my drive back. I entered a competiton and I got into Goldwells style squad led by celebrity hairdresser Mark Leeson and this is really what gave me my passion back and reignited the flam! We got our collection published in various magazines and our photos were proudly put up in the Goldwell academy. I wanted more of this, It was time to get my ass up, take action and stop dragging my feet.

That December I opened the doors to the salon and am currently in the British hairdressing fellowships colour project team. Finalist in the British hair and beauty awards for Colourist of the year and New salon of the year.

It wasn’t/ isn't an easy journey from there working 6 day weeks in the salon, some 13 hour days and sleepless nights have definitely been involved. Self doubt and struggles are real but to see my salon name above the door to be able to have the relaxed, friendly salon I’ve dreamed off as well as have the chance to enter competitions is all worth it.

The best part is being able to give these opportunities to a team of total babes that are motivated, positive and are striving for success! It isn’t something you can achieve on your own So thank you to all the strands wonderful clients for supporting the dream & to the team for showing up, working hard and staying consistent.

I ❤️ the strand squad

Can’t wait to slay your hair on your next visit 👏🏻

Becky xo

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