Febuary product of the month

With Valentines coming up, love is definitley in the hair; and we think this month should all be about loving yourself. (Check out our love yourself weekend offer!) What's better than having the luxurious salon feeling at home?! Imagine something so easy that you can fit around your busy schedules and work wonders? Say hello to the intensive luster mask from Kerailk's Colour range.

With silk and keratin protien the mask pentetrates through, deeply conditioning, adding moisture, leaves hair shiny and healthy. It also gives long lasting depth to your colour so you get the best of both worlds.

The secret gem to this product actually back dates from thousands of years ago where the native Tahitian's discovered a strange looking tree with strange looking nuts. When they squeezed the nuts, out came an oil named Tamanu which they then discovered has many luxurious properties. Ever wondered why hawaian women have such thick, shiny hair? (Even Moana was blessed with it) There's your answer.

Being a natural ingredient it has many healing properties and full of powerful nutrients that deeply nourish hair follicles and stimulate growth. Over years many people have added the oil in to their shampoo and conditioner themselves - so we can all thank goldwell for doing it for us! It embeds itself in the detergents of the shampoo and conditioner which in turn seals in the moisture - great for locking in colour and re hydrating your locks. As if it's not already fab, it's an anti imflammatry which will even help psoriasis and excema.

You may think having all of this oil and silk and keratin all being in one pot might make your hair greasy - however it's specially formulated to leave your hair lightweight, silky and feeling fabulous! We recommend to start with using two shampoos (always best to use the full range), make sure it's all rinsed out, squeeze the excess water out of your hair and dry it off with a towel, take your intensive luster mask - give it a smell; it's gorgeous - take a dollop small dollop in the middle of your hand, (you don't need a lot) distibute half in to your other hand and then start by applying the mask over the mid lengths and ends and then massage the excess in to the top of your hair and in to your root using your palms and fingertips. Now you have two choices, you can wrap your hair and a towel and leave in on for 10-20 minutes while you potter around then rinse. Or you can wrap it up, gently brush it through and cover overnight, ready to rinse off in the morning.

And there you have the luxurious salon feeling at home, no time out of your routine or busy schedule and shiny, silky moana hair! Happy Valentines month! Hope to see you on our Love yourself weekend 14th-17th Feb!