Balayage ?!

Balayage, ombre, baby lights, dip dye .... ?


Confused on what to ask for, or whihc one you want? They are all tecnically that same, ther are the graduation of colour going from a darker root to a much lighter end. Creating a soft, natural sun kissed look.

Balayage hit big in 2018 and it isnt going anywhere. Everyone loves it and here is why.


1, It is a low maintance colour, unlike your root tint every 5 weeks, this can be stretched 8-12 weeks inbetween appointments.

2, It doesnt mean blonde.. so if your naturally dark you can keep to brunettes or reds simply adding the colour through the mid lengths and ends

3, it suits almost everyone!


1, There are so many techniques you can use to create a balyage meaning each colour service is customised to the clients wishes on the finished look.

2, It is a visual, hands on service meaning you can get much more creative

3, You can play around with the colour and tone of balyage, anything from blondes to vivid blues.

The truth is whatever one you ask for, just speak with your colourist about what it means to you, do you want to really see some dark roots, do you want a really natural soft look or is it the bleach blonde ends and light roots your aiming for.

Here is one of our techniques we use and the ends results;

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