January's product of the month


So, here we are. The dreaded January blues. Everyone rushing to the gym, back to work, diets are in full swing. Everyone needs that full body detox. There’s always one part of your body that can be neglected and easy to get lazy with – yes we’re talking about your hair. We’re also all guilty for doing it. Think about it, you wouldn’t go out with dry skin so why go out with dry hair? It’s the crown you never take off and needs just as much TLC as the rest of you.

Here’s the effects of the cold weather. The cold and dry air can have a massive effect on your scalp. Where there is no natural moisture in the air the scalp can dry up and become flaky. This can also dry the strands of your hair out and cause the ends to split more. Even your diet over the festive period could have taken it’s toll. Lack of water, vitamins and any all healthy food in general if we’re honest.

These are all reasons why we have picked the KMS Head Remedy to be our Product of the Month. This is a deep cleanse shampoo which quite frankly does exactly what it says on the tin (or plastic bottle). The detergents in the shampoo get to work straight away and dig right down removing product build up, pollutants, minerals and hard water. What’s great is that it’s gentle enough for daily use and will leave your hair looking and feeling clean, shiny, healthy and suitable for all hair types. With special ingredient to support internal reconstruction and even out the hair surface. Simply lather, rinse and repeat. Then follow with your chosen conditioner. (We recommend the KMS Moist Repair.) So simple yet effective to give your hair the refresh it needs.

You can also try a few different things to keep your hair in the best condition possible throughout the winter months.

  1. Have regular conditioning treatments, we recommend once a week. Leave them on for 10 minutes in the bath or overnight for ultimate nourishment. Our favourite is the Kerasilk Control mask.

  2. Purchase a serum or oil. This will help keep your ends from drying out and splitting more.

  3. Wear a hat. Your natural body heat and oils in your scalp will keep the moisture locked in.

  4. Leave in conditioning sprays are a great for quick fixes. A little spritz before you leave the house or dry your hair for an extra barrier of protection.