5 ways to change your hairstyle without loosing length!

Updated: Jun 19

Desperate for a new look and style but can't bare to loose the length ?

A problem we hear all the time, our solution... add a fringe!

Here are 5 fringes that will give you a completely new fresh look.

Blunt Full Fringe

The traditional blunt full fringe, its fierce and it makes a statement. You will need to style this almost every morning so if you don't want to blowdry in the am this isn’t for you. I love a full fringe on someone with small features and that has a simple one length cut.

Soft Full fringe

You can also opt for a softer full fringe, just get your stylist to chip into it slightly to remove the heavy weight line. This is a go to for those that complain they hate there forehead.

Soft sweeping side fringe

A great option if you can’t commit to a full fringe, there is a version of side fringe that will suit everyone! Its great for framing the face and if you are someone who wear you hair up a lot it gives you a little bit to pull out and give you a different look


This gives off a soft, romantic look.

It is somewhere between a full fringe and a swooping side fringe, it isn't a harsh and blunt as a full fringe but gives your forehead more coverage than the traditional side sweep.


Define your style with this edgy, statement fringe. You are sure to stand out from the rest with the rockerbilly fringe. You will also see a lot of people rolling there hair at the front to create this look without braving the chop.

Remember if your having creative, bold haircuts, keep the colour simple whether its bright colour or blonde keep it block it makes the cut stand out and become more effective.


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