5 ways to change your hairstyle without loosing length!

Desperate for a new look and style but can't bare to loose the length ?

A problem we hear all the time, our solution... add a fringe!

Here are 5 fringes that will give you a completely new fresh look.

Blunt Full Fringe

The traditional blunt full fringe, its fierce and it makes a statement. You will need to style this almost every morning so if you don't want to blowdry in the am this isn’t for you. I love a full fringe on someone with small features and that has a simple one length cut.

Soft Full fringe

You can also opt for a softer full fringe, just get your stylist to chip into it slightly to remove the heavy weight line. This is a go to for those that complain they hate there forehead.

Soft sweeping side fringe