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So, where do we begin? I’m Sarah-Louise, number two of four girls (second the best right?) 23 years young and completely winging life! The people closest to me would describe me as blonde, a little pink and fluffy, hard working, bubbly and chatty with a heart of gold. To be honest I think I’m hilarious – but that’s a matter of opinion I suppose. Total sucker for a cheesy joke and like to think I leave a trail of glitter wherever I go! Dancing before I could walk and very girly however I absolutely love doing crazy things – like skydiving from 15,000 feet; and being the first to climb on ledges and rocks that you’re probably not supposed to be on and walking round mountain ledges to get the best views. A bucket list as long as my arm of crazy things to do – any suggestions?

Here’s a bit more about the real girl behind the chair.

I’ve now been a qualified hairdresser and beauty therapist for 7 years. Having three sisters I’ve never fallen short of having hair to play with – and experiment on. Since a young age I’ve thrived off making people feel better and I love that I can do this through feel good treatments. I mean there’s nothing better than having a fresh colour or blow-dry right? Luckily I can do this in a bright and no judgment place; The Strand. Since being here nearly a year I have already come so far in my career and become more motivated to learn more and take pride in my creativity. So pleased that I now have goals for my career and a better outlook on my future.

As confident as I may seem, it hasn’t always been an easy ride. At the age of 14 I was struck with my first ever migraine. Little did I know how much it was about to affect the next 8 years of my life. From then on 3-4 days a week I would be shut in a dark room for 15 hours at a time unable to move and hardly able to speak. Hundreds of hospital appointments, thousands of medications, missed social events, and 46.2% attendance at school I was at the point of giving up. However I somehow managed to strive through and go on to college for 3 years to do what I had always wanted. With a lot of hard work and immense patience and help from my parents and tutors I graduated college with two NVQ’s and one VTCT.

All worked out right? The migraines were still a major issue and were starting to have an impact on my mental health. With the onset of severe anxiety and depression slowly growing (which I can finally talk about) I was in a place I never thought I would return from. In a job where I couldn’t fulfill my dreams (don’t get me wrong it was great at times and I made life long friends) and in an extremely bad routine and an “I don’t care lifestyle” out every weekend drinking when I was okay and not taking proper care of my health. 3 years later I realized how un - happy I actually was. So I took the dive and left my evening job.

Now what? Taking a couple of weeks to myself and wondering what on earth I was going to do with myself, freelance work was not enough to live off. Being a big believer in “everything happens for a reason” proved itself to me as my Mum walked past “the new blowdry and make up studio that is opening in the high street.” Knowing straight away this would be the perfect job for me and I applied and here we are nearly a year on. Working in a full time job in a friendly open space and a fun, understanding and motivating team, in a much better mindset. There are still bad days of course but opening up to the closest people to me and getting the help I need is helping everyday.

The great thing about working here is that you get to meet so many people and hear all different life stories and opinions while delivering a professional service and making people feel great. A very comfortable and welcoming environment. My dream is to be successful and I will not stop pushing myself to do the best I can or stop learning new things. Being a top bridal stylist and being part of session work is top of the list to work towards.

Moral of the story is, good things come to those who work hard. You all know where I am if you need a good re vamp, cup of tea and a friendly chat. If I’m not there I’ll be shopping, dancing or somewhere lost in the mountains.

Lots of love and hairspray;

Sarah-Lou xo

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