Hair ideas for spring/ summer 2018

Summer is finally on its way and we can’t wait, I think everyone is in need of vitamin D. Winter always seems to be the longest season in the UK but we can start to put our dark winter wardrobe away.

This summer colours trends are looking to be bold bright colours, rich blues, powder pinks, greens and yellow. I think we are in need of adding some colour to our wardrobe and brightening our high streets.

You can continue this colour pop trend into the hair, if you are brave enough. We saw to the end of last summer hidden rainbow hair colours, a little more discreet if you aren’t ready to brave the whole head. You can create some beautiful, classy colour melts with pinks and purples.

If you want to keep things a little more natural its time to lighten your hair, as the natural cycle of hair it always lightens a little through the summer months. Lightening your hair also shows off your tan a bit more as well, highlighting your healthy glow.

Dark brown, look at bayalage of golden tones, this will give you the beach godless look without high maintenance of highlights.

if you are already blonde why not drop the second colour and try more of an icy blonde.

You can also do semi-permanent pastel colours to have a hint of pink or lilac for a couple of weeks before returning back to your blonde. These colours don't stain the hair and will wash out over time. This is a great option for festivals, holidays or even if you have a few events lined up.

Be brave and bold with your hair if you are looking to change your mindset, lifestyle or confidence a new do always helps. Its the first place we start, out with the old in with the new.

As for cuts and styling, we are seeing a lot of one length blunt cuts at the moment great to wear straight or slightly more relaxed with a soft wave. Our general rule is you either have a simple cut with a bold colour or a quirky strong cut with a simple colour scheme. This keeps the hair looking classy and not totally over the top. There is always an exception for the totally unique, confident souls you will also find these on catwalks and magazines.