Salon interior

We love our salon interior and turns out you do too! After so many compliments and questions on where different bits are from we have decided to dedicate our latest blog post to the salon design.

Opening a new business is both exciting and completely terrifying all at once. Having a clear view of what you stand for, what you want to promote and how you will stand out is key. The Strand Ltd's goal was to be a feminine space, somewhere that women of all ages, races, life styles and paychecks could come and be pampered and get some 'me' time.

(we don't exclude men, you're all welcome too)

We wanted a salon with a no judgement policy, somewhere people felt at ease while having their hair, makeup, nails or facials done. We wanted you to feel fabulous as soon as you walked in. Here to inspire and empower women, we love hearing your life stories, what you have accomplished, what your dreams are and what is coming next. Like a sweet shop for kids but for women, this is also a playground to be creative, push boundaries and allow your personality to shine through colours and cuts.

So how do you put all this in to walls of a salon...

Our retro pink sofa is from the online furniture supplier Maisons Du Monde they have a lot of retro, modern styled furniture and we are obsessed, our side table is also from there.

Our flower wall was hand made by Becky, with 100's of flowers ordered in bulk which were threaded through garden wire from home base.

Our reception area is our favourite part of the salon, it adds a pop of colour to the salon and has the ultimate chicness.

Our crosley record player is from Urban Outfitters and although we keep meaning to pick up records to play luckily it is also bluetooth compatible so you can play it straight from yours phones and computers.

The grey and white colour scheme is both on trend and fresh looking, it also means you can swap out the colour of choice, so if we ever tire of pink we may go yellow or blue with accessories. We love how it looks and is like a decor you could use from your front room, giving you that homely feel when you are having treatments in the salon. The styling stations are also all central which means your not facing the wall, you may even meet a new friend whilst being here.

Our mesh baskets were a great find in Ikea, the perfect storage for our brushes.