Hairdressing for the homeless

We all love the festive period of Christmas, spending time with friends and family and spoiling loved ones. It is a well deserved break at the end of each year allowing us to unwind and think about the the new year a head. We find ourselves setting new goals, travel plans and carer moves for the year ahead.

Unfortunately we aren't all in this situation and those that are without permanent accommodation aren't so please to hear Christmas is around the corner. Many sheltered accommodation and hostels are shut over this time. Leaving more people than ever left to sleep on the streets.

Their are over 8000 homeless people living on the streets in London, most wanting to find work and get back into society. On average the homeless die around 47 years old this is 34 years younger than the average UK citizen who on average die 81 years old. This is a harsh reality of what is happening on our streets.

This is were crisis for Christmas comes in. They are a charity that actively work over the Christmas period. They create a safe place for the homeless to retreat. Set up in different buildings each year, they provide 3 meals a day, an abundance of tea and coffee and ask professionals to volunteer.

This year Becky decided to go along to one of the days they were set up offering her hairdressing services. Cutting hair for men and women who haven't had the chance to have a haircut or blow dry for several months. You see the confidence grow and a simple hair cut changes their day, a truly liberating experience. Giving them a new sharp, styling look brings them back to who they see themselves as. For Becky it was an amazing, eye opening experience. Being able to sit with people from different walks of life and hear their stories on how they got to where they are now and what life they used to lead was both interesting and scary.

Over the years homelessness has become worse and although we can't change the world and how the system works we can help by giving up a day or few hours of our time to offer our services or even just an listening ear.