We are in full swing of the most festive time of year - Christmas and New year. This means Christmas parties, unlimited nights out, Christmas markets, seeing the friends and family we haven't spent enough time with throughout the year.

The make up becomes more dramatic and glitter is an essential part of our festive look.

We thought we would share our secrets with you to creating the perfect eyes this season.

You will need:

Concealer Eye Primer

A natural eye shadow colour (similar to your skin tone) A dark eye shadow (This will create your crease/ smokey eyed effect)

Liquid eye liner

Eye lashes Eye lash glue

Loose glitter (make sure it is safe to use on the eyes)

Eye shadow brushes

Eye liner brush

We will include the exact products we have used in the description of each look.


Step 1: Firstly, it is important to create a base on your eye for the glitter and eye shadow to go on top of. This ensures that your sparkly look lasts all through the night without creasing or moving!

Any eye primer or concealer works perfectly. We used mac pro long wear concealer.

Step 2: Using a light/medium tone brown and a fluffy blending brush, sweep this colour onto your crease and working your way up to the brow bone (not all the way up though!) and all the way across to the inner corner. This will be your transition colour and will make the darker and smokier colours you will be using later easier to blend and appear more seamless.

Step 3: Next, its nice to choose a colour that is quite bright for this next step, this is what is going to make the eyes pop. Using a smaller blending brush, follow where you have applied the first transition shade (not taking it as high), beginning to build up your crease. Using different shades and gradually getting darker (that will come later) allows you to create the gradient effect that is vital for any smokey eye. Use this colour to create your ideal cat eye shape aswell, winging it out slightly and finally, applying it all across the lower lash line.

Step 4: The next step is to add your glitter! To apply