The most magical time of year

Its our first Christmas at The Strand ltd and we could not be more excited.

We have got our tree up and the festive music has started, although by mid day we are breaking to the chart music again, turns out there aren't actually that many Christmas songs.

Either way we are excited to open our new style bar at this time of year, it is the perfect excuse to come and be blown away by our decor design (the most instagramable salon in town), fabulous customer service and of course the high standards of work all a recipe to make you look and feel amazing.

So if you are anything like us you have writen your Christmas lists and started ticking off who you have bought for, but you have forgotten the stockings or the friends daughter you get a little something for. Don't panic we have got you covered with the perfect stocking fillers and small gifts for girls.

Get A Grip

This cute and compact tub of mini hair grips should be part of every girls Christmas present this year.

The set comes with 100 grips, in either black, blonde or brown. Bobbi pins are used everyday with any style. Whether its to keep the stray hairs up when you've got your sassy pony tail in, hold back the fringe you wish you never got cut or for the fancy up do you need for you Christmas party.

They no longer need to be left all over the house, they come in the cutest tin box coloured, green, pink or purple.

The best bit they are only £6.50.

Diva Beauty Blender

The beauty blender is in every make up artists kit bag, every vloggers videos and needs to be in your make up bag. It can be used to apply any cream based make up to the face. Leaving a smooth, matt, flawless finish.

Using brushes while applying your foundation has a tendency to leave lines or steaks.. (we agree not a good look.) If you're not quiet ready to say goodbye to your brush you can always dab the sponge over your face after applying your cream based products to even them out and take away excess product that has built up in certain areas.

They are available in orange, purple, pink and teal.

Price: £7.50

Recommended: You wash your sponge after every use with baby shampoo, cream products are where bacteria can grow.

TIP: if you dampen your sponge first you don't take off product from your face.