Microdermadbrasion (45 minutes) £50.00

Microdermabrasion is a treatment that removes the superficial layer of skin using the diamon crystals to lift dead skin cells which will rejuvenate & sooth uneven texture.

Skin Peels (30 - 60 minutes) from £60.00

Skin chemical peels are exfoliates used to naturally remove and stimulate skin cells, this will then reinforce improvement to the apperance of your skin.

Ligh Therapy (30-60 minutes) from £45.00

Photofacial (LED) is a treatment to repair & prevent premature ageing and scaring. Also great if you are looking for an instant rejuvenation lift before a special occasion.

Skin Needling (90 minutes) from £250.00
Skin needling is the formation of thousands of tiny pin prick wounds to your skin to stimulate the skins ability to create increased collagen & elasticity.

Indulgent eye (45 minutes) £50.00

This is eye treatment is great to rejuvenate tired, dark and puffy eyes.

Niksology signature facial (60 minutes) £60

Signature means a complete bespoke treatment which is tailored to you and your concerns.

Teen Skin Facial (60 minute) £60.00

Your teen skin can be challenging. A time when your body may increase production of oil leading to spots. These facials are to repair & prevent problematic build up.

These treatments reduce the appearance of pigmentation, age/sun spots and thread veins.

Mesotherapy from £200.00
Mesotherapy is a treatment that injects active ingredients into the layer of skin where cell renewal takes place. This is essential to promote healthy skin to your desired concern area.

Laser Rejuvenation from £70.00

Laser rejuvenation is a treatment using specialised lasers to improve the appearance of pigmentation spots, weather damaged skin & thread veins. This treatment will encourage an even skin tone & healthy appearance.

Skin Tag & Mole removal from £60.00

Using advanced electrolysis which has become an extremely quick, safe and effective method for removing unwanted skin blemishes.

Skin Treatments

Available at The Strand Ltd every other Friday Starting 8th December

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